CCA Go Away

The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) wants to come to Illinois.  The nation’s largest and most notorious private prison operator, which is responsible for at least 24 immigrant detainee deaths and allegedly ran a “gladiator school” in one of its prisons, wants to build a 800-bed immigration detention center in Crete, just south of Chicago.

CCA's poor management and inmate neglect lead to riots at the Immigrant Prison in Natchez, Mississippi. The riot left one guard dead and dozens injured. Don't let this happen in Illinois!

The Illinois General Assembly is now considering SB 1064, which would block CCA from building the Crete center and other private detention facilities.  SB 1064 passed the Illinois Senate on a bipartisan vote on March 28. Now we need the House to join their colleagues in standing up to dangerous private prisons like Crete.

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