Support Earned Permanent Residence for Central Americans!

Nearly 270,000 Central Americans with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) live in legal limbo, separated by their families, with limited work and educational opportunities, and thus an uncertain future.  

These are exemplary immigrants who have legally lived and worked in the U.S. for over a decade, paid fees to the government to maintain their status every 18 months, paid their taxes every year, undergone background checks every 18 months. They have done everything else required by the law and most importantly came forward and registered in a conditional program when the US government gave them the opportunity to do so.

Tell your legislators now!  Support earned permanent residence for Central Americans!

A national coalition- the Immigration Task Force for Central Americans launched a campaign to push for permanent residence for Central Americans with TPS.  Join the efforts to send one million letters to Congress by contacting your legislators TODAY! and urge them to support legislation that would regularize the status of over 270,000 Central American immigrants.